History of SAGE

SAGE began in 1991 as the Lynchburg Expressway Appearance Fund (LEAF Program), a citizen initiative to improve the blighted expressway running through Lynchburg, Virginia.

This program was solely focused on beautification, and secured private donations from large corporations, local businesses, institutions, and families that pledged sponsorship funds to have sections of the public rights-of-way landscaped.

Since then, the LEAF Program has been responsible for making the Lynchburg Expressway one of the most beautiful drives in all of America.

Due to the overwhelming demand for the program on a broader scale, Proctor Harvey, owner of Harvey Design Land Architects (HDLA), and creator of the LEAF Program, worked with legislators in Richmond, Virginia to draft and pass legislation that legally qualifies municipalities across Virginia for similar programs to be enacted.

Many cities across Virginia have employed the program, and have enjoyed the predictable and very positive economic, aesthetic, and community-enhancing benefits in their respective areas.

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