SAGE: Approved Technical Service Provider with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that is dedicated to the preservation and protection of our nation’s wildlife habitats, species, and ecosystems. The Foundation was created by Congress in 1984 in order to direct public conservation dollars toward the most critical environmental needs, while matching those investments with private contributions.

Funding is provided on a competitive basis for projects that restore, enhance, and protect America’s fish, wildlife, plants, and their natural habitats.

A major part of NFWF’s focus is to reduce pollution in our nation’s waterways. Innovative programs and projects that accomplish this task are supported by the Foundation in a variety of ways.

Concerning the Chesapeake Bay region specifically, NFWF is dedicated to reducing polluted runoff from farmlands and urbanized regions, that damage the delicate ecological balance of the watershed. One of the largest threats is that of nitrogen runoff, which reduces the oxygen in the water, killing marine life and plants as well. Efforts are underway to promote sustainable farming practices and structures such as streambank fencing, which filters and cleans runoff water.

SAGE Certified is proud to be a partner with NFWF in the continuing endeavor of protecting and enhancing the Chesapeake Bay watershed region, and offers innovative and environmentally sound procedures in the ongoing effort to protect the Bay area.

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