What is SAGE?

SAGE is a donation funded, municipality managed program designed to beautify the local streetscape, boost community pride and appreciation, and facilitate future economic development by creating a more inviting roadway environment.


Where is the funding for a SAGE Program derived?

The entirety of a SAGE Program is funded by local business and special interest groups (such as garden clubs) wishing to invest in the visual aesthetic improvement of local streets and roads. Virginia and the Federal government also have grant programs which SAGE Programs can qualify for.


How will my town benefit from a SAGE Program?

In many ways! The first thing you will notice is the actual improvement of the streetscape. By adding gardens, the harshness of a typical streetscape will be softened. This will provide a much more enjoyable experience for motorists and residents near the gardens. The next thing you can experience may be the local residents taking pride in the appearance of the community. This can help reduce littering along local roadways. Tourism may also be boosted by SAGE Program efforts when concerted with other tourism boosting activities and programs.


What is the LEAF Program in Lynchburg?

LEAF (the Lynchburg Expressway Appearance Fund), is the mother of the SAGE Program. In early 1990, Proctor Harvey of Harvey Design Land Architects was approached about solving a problem in Lynchburg. The problem was the Lynchburg Expressway, a 10-mile stretch of 55 mph, four-lane highway. The landscape of the road was bleak and dreary, and litter was a constant problem. The solution evolved into what we now known as the SAGE Program.

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